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Brain Tumour Awareness Month

May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month! Join us in a campaign to draw attention to the impact of brain tumours and advocate for research to cure. Our campaign video is now up on our page "Brain Tumour Awareness Month"! Go check it out by pressing the button below and make sure to look out for our future events!





Bio Start-Up Competition

The Bio Start-Up Competition is a competition that provides high school students with the opportunity to experience the field medical-entrepreneurship. They will build projects and prepare business pitch decks related to COVID-19 (or neuroscience, bioengineering, medicine). Participants will create a pitch deck  and perform their ideas to a panel of judges. The top three winning groups will receive a cash prize in recognition of their hard work.

Doctor with Computer

Innovate Med Webinar Series

​Are you interested in both medicine and business, and would like to learn about how you can combine your two interests? Or do you think that there’s no possible way that medicine and business can be related? Whatever the case may be, this is the perfect opportunity for you! YMAP is excited to announce Innovate Med, a webinar series where you can learn about the overlap between medicine and business from professional medical-entrepreneurs! These professionals will share their experiences, as well as their educational path and what got them to where they are now. There is also going to be a Q & A session at the end, so make sure to prepare some questions! Get excited because we’ll be announcing our amazing line of speakers shortly!


Forget-Me-Not Fundraiser

Starting in the month of January, YMAP will be collaborating with the Alzheimer Society of Canada to host a fundraiser dedicated to supporting research related to the treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. At the same time, we will be spreading awareness on the prevalence of Alzheimer's, as well as recounting the stories of patients. We hope that everyone will join us in our journey to support those living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.

Brain Scans


The Neurothon is an online competition happening from Friday, January 8 to Sunday, January 10,  where high school students will have 40 hours to solve a neuroscience-based case. Over the course of the Neurothon, students, in teams of one to four members, will have the opportunity to attend lectures and panel discussions hosted by university students in the medical sciences. During this event, students will be able to develop their writing and critical thinking skills, all while forming new friendships.

Conference Room


The NeuroConference is our biggest flagship event at YMAP. It is a youth-led and organized conference with an aim to engage our community of students to be interested in neuroscience. 


Go Grey in May


For the month of May, YMAP focused on raising awareness to the prevalence of brain tumours, and how they affect the lives the lives of patients.

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