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Introducing the NEUROConference.

The NeuroConference is our biggest flagship event at YMAP. It is a youth-led and organized conference with an aim to engage our community of students to be interested in neuroscience.  Coming November 28 to 29th. 


Resource booths will allow students to discover year-round, summer, volunteer, and research opportunities related to the medical field. Universities across Ontario will also share their life science, medical science, and neuroscience programs in the conference. Overall, the resource booth aim to further enhance the students’ insights and introduce a number of opportunities. 

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Speakers in the medical field will inspire high-school students through a speech by informing high-school students about the industry, concepts, and/or careers of those interested in pursuing the medical field, especially neuroscience. Speakers are selected from professionals in the field of neuroscience or medical science including professors, researchers, and entrepreneurs. 

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Workshops in the conference will provide interactive experiences that introduce medical equipment, various Neuroscience concepts,  sciences behind common human behaviour, and life tips based on scientific backgrounds to high-school students. Workshops will also allow participants to use various equipment and create products depending on topics. Since the workshops are chosen by individuals, students will participate in collaborative discussions and activities to further extend their network.

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