Our annual NEUROConference seeks to educate youth on the different pathways in the neuroscience and medical fields. The conference consists of a keynote speaker, workshops, resource booths, panelists, and a competition. We go beyond our boundaries to help students connect and gain a deeper understanding of the world of neuroscience.

Brain Tumour Awareness Month

May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month! Join us in a campaign to draw attention to the impact of brain tumours and advocate for research to cure. Our campaign video is now up on our page "Brain Tumour Awareness Month"! Go check it out by pressing the button below and make sure to look out for our future events!




Bio-Startup Challenge

The Bio-startup challenge is a competition that provides high school students with the opportunity to experience the field medical-entrepreneurship. They will build projects and prepare business pitch decks related to COVID-19 (or neuroscience, bioengineering, medicine). Participants will create a pitch deck with the help of mentors who are currently in university/college for medical and business fields, and perform their ideas to a panel of judges. The top three winning groups will receive financial or technical support for their project.

Coming soon

Keep your eyes out for our new events!


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