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Starting in the month of January, YMAP will be collaborating with the Alzheimer Society of Canada to host a fundraiser dedicated to supporting research related to the treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. At the same time, we will be spreading awareness on the prevalence of Alzheimer's, as well as recounting the stories of patients. We hope that everyone will join us in our journey to support those living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.


To help support the Alzheimer Society of Canada, YMAP will be hosting a fundraiser in the form of a Quiz Bowl. In order to participate, you must donate a minimum of $3 to the link below (although we encourage everyone to donate more). The first Quiz Bowl will take place on February 13 and the second on February 20, both at 2:00PM EST. Prizes will be given to those who answer the most questions correct, as well as those donate the most. 



Canadians are currently living with dementia 


new patients are diagnosed every year


is spent on caring for patients annually

Despite the high number of patients and clear urgency for better support, research for dementia is underfunded. To make matters worse, there is a clear stigma surrounding dementia. Nearly 50% of Canadians reported that they would be ashamed to have dementia, while 87% of caregivers wished that more people understood the reality of caring for someone with dementia. YMAP believes it is important to raise awareness for this heavily misunderstood and misrepresented issue, which is why we would like to share the stories of those currently living with dementia.

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