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Who are we?

Youth Medical Action Potential (YMAP) is a youth-led, non-profit organization dedicated to connect youths with opportunities in the field of neuroscience and health sciences. Through interactive workshops, conferences, competitions, and resources to stimulate passion in neuroscience, it strives to support students in inclusive and unique ways. 

our Mission

We are a team of individuals with a passion for neuroscience ranging from grades 9 to 12. We aim to introduce and educate others about the rising potential of neuroscience and medical sciences. Currently, we are working hard to prepare for our Neurothon, and more details will be released soon!

Providing opportunitiy

Here at YMAP, we aim to provide youths with opportunities by hosting conferences, workshops, competitions, and educational resources featuring topics in neuroscience. We encourage students to gain an interdisciplinary interest in the brain and the intricate findings within it. 


We recognize the limited number of opportunities for high school students to get a hands-on experience in neuroscience outside of classroom. There are no classes at school that teach what the human brain entails, nor is there an abundant amount of resources lying ahead to dive deeper into the field. YMAP, powered by passionate students, works to generate more interest and passion for neuroscience among the student body.

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